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There are thousands of training options available to you-so why choose Stark Aesthetics?

The thing I feared the most about becoming a PA, has become one of my biggest strengths. I graduated from PA school in 2014, I was 23 years old. At 32, I now laugh when patients still make comments about not looking old enough or trying to politely and discretely ask how much experience I have. When I say that its been 12 years in Plastic Surgery and nearly 10 years in practice- they are shocked. Back then, I was nervous that patients wouldn’t take me seriously because of my age, but while some did make comments, they all trusted me within minutes because of what I knew, how I conveyed information, my results, and of course my experience working with top doctors from Miami to LA. 

I recently trained a new graduate nurse who I know well, and it allowed for us to have a casual training where she felt comfortable asking me anything without feeling insecure or silly. I told her that I recall not truly understanding the basics of clinical practice when I started working, and feeling like it took me so long to figure it out. I felt pressure from my supervising physicians to be learning faster than I was and it generated anxiety. 

One day after shadowing me, she called and asked if I could help her assess her patients lips that she was injecting. There were a few things she was looking to improve but noticing that the lips weren’t doing what she wanted them to do. I looked at the issue, and quickly showed her the solution which- ironically- wasn’t injection technique at all, but rather pearls I learned about what else to do during injecting to improve the outcome and handle unexpected challenges. 

It was after working closely with this nurse that I realized, it would have been really great to have someone that I could learn from and call upon in times of need. With that, Stark Aesthetics grew in to Stark Aesthetics, Treatments and Coaching. 



New to the aesthetics world or looking to increase sales and secure long term patient relationships? If you’re ready to gain insight on advancing in a competitive high end market, this is for you.

Through virtual coaching, providers can unlock a permanent resource who is there to breakdown every part of the industry and answer any and all questions without the fear of pressure or judgement. Already confident in the basics but looking to level up? Let me tell you how. 

To get started, we identify your unique goals, understanding your work environment and break down the challenges that may be getting in the way of your success. Once we establish our baseline level of experience, the fun can start. Each meeting we will discuss topics or questions related to our area of focus. 

Common focus areas include:

Commonly used treatment materials, dilutions, definitions, clean versus sterile, procedure set up

Combination therapies- what’s safe to combine and why 

Identifying adverse events and how to handle them

How to build trust with the patient and create confidence

Breaking down complex medical theories in simple ways for patient explanation 

How to handle patient consultations, pricing and closing the sale 

When and why you should or should not discount services 

Optimizing your contract negotiations

Navigating the office environment from corporate to private practice and med spas

Coaching is available a-la-carte per call, or in a 5 week package. 

Package options allow for us to review monthly sales and then personalize sales strategies.

For providers looking to always have a trusted resource, all-access monthly plans are available and include weekly virtual meetings as needed and anytime communication via text for questions or guidance. 



Training sessions are the best way to advance your skills and ensure accuracy, safety and results. 

Over the last 10 years I have attended many trainings and conferences. Sometimes the training level is too basic or too advanced. At times, a sponsored training is great, but once you used those skills on your own with patients, new questions came up and you needed a second chance to ask more detailed questions. 

To guarantee the right type of training that promotes understanding and confidence, my hands-on training is centered around what you're looking to improve upon rather than a single product. 

Training is available on the following:

Facial anatomy and safety 


Injectable dermal fillers

Collagen Stimulators 

Radiofrequency technologies 

Chemical peels and micro-needling 

Skincare for common concerns 

Training: Services
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