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All new patients are seen for consultation prior to treatment. Same day treatment are possible, just let us know you’re interested at the time of booking.

In-person appointments are located at our office on Bedford drive, right in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills. 

Virtual consultations and skin coaching available. 

Asian woman applying skincare


There has been a shift in the approach to how we keep our skin healthy, and slow the aging process. Gone are the days of ablating the top later of skin once a year to re-heal even younger looking. Now we do less aggressive treatments more frequently. Just like "yo-yo dieting" doesn’t work, either does yo-yo self care. 

What is Skin Care Customization? The identifying of skin concerns and compiling of medical grade and OTC skincare products to use consistently for long term skin health. These efforts will continue to brighten the skin, remove damaged skin cells, and stimulate collagen.

Expertise in:

Medical grade skincare

Skin Cycling 

Post-Treatment Skincare

Affordable & Effective Skin Regimens 



Barrier repair skincare


Lip Botox Injection


Whats in a word? Injectables is an umbrella term that includes mostly dermal fillers and neurotoxins, but also PRF or Platelet-Rich Fibrin, and collagen stimulators like hyper dilute Radiesse and Sculptra.

Dermal Fillers: 

These products add volume to the face (and body) for a number of reasons. Fillers can be used to smoothen sunken acne scars, enhance certain facial features by size and shape, and accentuate structure such as jawline. There are many types of fillers that vary by chemical make-up and thickness. Your injector will pick which product is best for you. 

Some of our favorite uses of ‘Tox are:

Building soft, beautiful lips

Enhancing facial balance

Restoring volume loss to cheeks 

Erasing fine etched lines


Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, Juveau and Daxxify are the only products available in this category. Neuromodulators soften muscle movement therefore improving the appearance of lines that are developed by motion (frown and forehead lines for example). This product can also be used to relieve overworked or enlarged, aching muscles and to skim the appearance of the face. Addithyperionally, these are an incredible treatment for those suffering from hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating. The treatment is customized based on your specific concern and quality of the muscles, and must be assessed in person for actual dosing and pricing information.

Some of our favorite uses of ‘Tox are:

’Tox for rosacea 

’Tox brow lift

’Tox lip flip 

’Tox for hyperhidrosis 

’Tox for nose slimming

’Tox  for jawline tightening 


Platelet-Rich Fibrin is widely used for healing and regenerative purposes. The injection of PRF to the scalp improves hair growth, thickness and retention. This can also be used for sexual wellness and improvement of dull skin, PIH, acne scarring and more. This super-healing agent is harvested from the patients blood in a quick, easy and painless procedure. 

This is the cherry on top to any skincare procedure such as micro needling, Morpheus or Clear & Brilliant. The unique concentration level of growth factors in PRF allows us the option to create BioFiller, a volumizing, skin brightening and skin quality enhancing filler alternative for patients who prefer to take the more natural autologous approach. 

Some of our favorite uses of PRF are:

Hair Growth

Recovery boost post procedure

PRF microneedling

PRF BioFiler 


This unique product does more than simply restore lost volume to the face and body, it enhances skin quality and boasts regenerative effects to the skin. Sculptra is an FDA-approved poly-L-lactic acid which gradually promotes the patients natural collagen to grow slowly over a period of 3 months. This product is great for patients of any age and will also reduce lines, wrinkles and texture. Patients love it for all of its benefits and the “glow.”

Some of our favorite uses of Sculptra are:

Hyperdilute for improved skin quality 

Reducing crepiness to inner arm, knees

Line reduction to neck, chest

Improving hip dips 



Laser therapies have grown tremendously over the last few years and I'm happy to offer a few of my favorites. Great for resurfacing, pigment improvement,  skin tightening, pore reduction ad more. 

Clear & Brilliant: 

Using the newest device from Solta, we have access to two hand pieces to customize the treatment and gives incredible results. Great for acne prone skin, mild resurfacing and pigment improvement. The dual approach means seeing all of the benefit in one session. This is a great laser to undo unwanted changes in the skin and also has very little downtime. Best in a series but glowing skin even after just one.

Favorite add-ons:

Redlight therapy

Mesotherapy serums

Oxygen infusion


Radiofrequency microneedling that targets deeper tissue than any other device. This is amazing for skin tightening, lines, acne and so much more. Safe for all skin types, face, body and little downtime. 

Favorite combinations:

With resurfacing tip for a dual approach

With microneedling and PRF

With meso-therapy and red-light 


For removing unwanted pigmentation from the skin and reducing deep lines and texture. This laser is known for its efficacy in smoothening and brightening the skin and has a proven benefit of reducing pre-cancerous lesions on the skin. 

Favorite add-ons:

PRF for healing 




Low downtime collagen boost with custom mesotherapy to relax lines and make skin glow. Mesotherapy is a popular European technique to target the epidermal later of skin though micro trauma and infusing of polypeptide serums that are concern-specific. Serums include firming, brightening, vitamin therapy, hydration and more.


All of the incredible benefits of mesotherapy plus the line reducing benefit of neurotoxins like Botox. This mixture promotes glowy, smooth skin and reducing sweating on the face. 


Collagen stimulation, line/pore reduction, enhanced skincare absorption and instant glow. This is the base treatment which can be upgraded with PRF, Mesotherapy and more. Combinable with other treatments aside from peels. 2-3 days of redness is typical.

PRF Microneedling

Microneedling for stimulation of blood flow, oxygenation and texture improvement with the benefit of brightening, added healing and tissue repair. This is the upgraded “vampire facial” as PRF contains higher concentration of growth factors. 2-3 days of redness.

PRF Hair Boost

Slow released growth factor injections to scalp to stimulate growth and reduce hair loss. By stimulating blood flow and oxygen to the scalp, combined with healing growth factors the hair is given a better environment for growth, retention and overall health.

PRF BioFIller

Stimulate collagen and elastin while brightening the skin and building volume. This natural filler alternative uses your bodies own growth factors to stimulate the body in reaching your aesthetic goals, naturally. 

Exosomes for Skin and Hair

Add on to any treatment for rapid healing, skin health and boosted hair growth. 

Applying Face Cream


Glow Peel (BioRePeel) 

This novel zero downtime peel boasts incredible results for acne, pigment and texture by combining active ingredients with a lipid bilayer that allows the product to penetrate the skin cells without compromising the skin barrier. Meaning, you get beautiful skin deep results without the shedding. Summertime safe and you wont need to change your plans. 

Favorite add ons:



Redlight therapy 

Perfect Peel

A medium depth peel with 2-3 days of peeling after 2-3 days of dry tight skin. Ideal for all skin types. One week turnaround time to beautiful skin. Ideal in a series when targeting pigment, acne, redness or higher results. 

Cosmelan Peel

Up to 14 days of peeling for brightening of uneven skin tone, reducing stubborn pigmentation and exfoliating dull skin. Ideal for Melasma, sun damaged, acne scarring, post-inflammatory pigmentation, etc. Ideal for use on face and body.

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